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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sapu Lidi

Waterfront Bungalows at Sapu Lidi Restaurant

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Sapu Lidi - Eat on Rice Paddy Field!
In every great restaurant in Indonesia, they have either some or all of the above elements:
  • water
  • dimmed light
  • greenery
  • great food (how come this one is last ti chan!)

Last weekend I went back to my hometown – Bandung. Which is about 2-3 hours drive from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Decided to have family gathering at this place.
I’ve heard about “Sapu Lidi” (meaning = traditional wooden broom) restaurant several time, but somehow never interested to go there. Some people said that too many mosquito (cause you are eating on open air). But my little sister just insisted to go there. I thought basically we’re going to eat in a hut in the middle of no where. But when we got there, the rice paddy actually only placed at strategic places – not just all over the place.
The atmosphere they want to give definitely that traditional feel. That’s why the roof is made from stack of bamboo and coconut leaves. They also use this small iron wok as the plates! (see pictures to really understand what I’m saying about). If you leave in US or Europe, most likely you never saw these in your country ^_^ Some wooden otoped also stands in the corner.
Most of the table doesn’t have chairs by the way. The traditional way is to take your shoes off and sit on the floor. And eat with your hands (after being washed of course!). Nevertheless, the place itself is a cool place to take pictures. Unfortunately it was quite a cloudy day – so it doesn’t show that great in picture. The water is also this yukkie brown – not very appealing. But then again, people don’t go there for swimming anyway :D

Indonesian Traditional Food in Sapu Lidi Restaurant
What about the food you ask? Oh the food was great. Traditional Indonesian food is rather spicy for westerners. But I personally think the food tone is rather sweet. But you can definitely feel the strong spices – but not hot. Not much of innovation in the food, they have the traditional Indonesian recipe chicken barbeque, stir tofu + mushroom that’s being roasted with honey, but they play around with the names. They have “evil witch drink” which basically a coke float with gummy bears on the side ha ha ha…
On the way back to Jakarta, I saw this daisies field and most gorgeous sunset ever. Just pink – blue – white –grey all mushed up in one palette. Gorgeous…. It was a struggle to take picture of it from car, but definitely worth it!

Chubby Traveller’s rating:
Food: 3.5 out of 5
Atmosphere: 4 out of 5
Location: 2 out of 5

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Address and Contact Information
Address:Jalan Sersan BajuriKompleks Graha PuspaCihideung, Lembang, BandungWest Java, IndonesiaPhone: +62 22 2786915

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